05 August 2014

Waterway Warby Parker: I Only Have Eyes for You

It's no secret to those who know me (in real life) that I love a good pair of sunglasses. So I'm super excited to help announce the new  Waterway collection from Warby Parker. I could wax eloquent on all the great features of WP, but my favorites are the "Do Good" aspect of the company, where with every purchase of a pair of glasses, a pair goes to someone in need. Worth it, right? You get a great pair of glasses that are earth-friendly and also give back. Oh, and not to mention the fact that the designs are uber stylish as well!

My personal favorite from the collection is the Piper in sand castle (see above). 

The Waterway collection is "inspired by warm coastal travels and landlocked staycations by the pool. Because summer is for relaxing." 

So, will you check out the new collection? 
Which style is your favorite? 

*This post is not sponsored,. All opinions are 100% my own.
Underwater image & glasses images all from Warby Parker

18 July 2014

Fancy Friday: chaos & indulgence

This little stone on a vendor's table one day was too picture perfect not to snap. I'm finding a balance lately in choosing indulgence (i.e. relaxing) over cleaning up the chaos that life can be sometimes. I think we try to calm the chaos too much and choose not to indulge in the right things with our family and friends. A cluttered desk is okay, a neglected relationship is not. Choose wisely this weekend! :) 

Here are some of my favorites this week: 

Do not lose heart by John Piper 

Hello there Hunter Grey Likes Baby (sweetest newborn shoot ever)

7 Thoughts to the Families of Introverts Ron Edmonson (As someone with an introvert best friend, this is awesome & very truthful) 

rosemary sea salt and vinegar beet chips Running to the Kitchen (dying to make these!)

xo, Charity 

15 July 2014

Summer Colors

 There is nothing like the beautiful feel of summer breezes and seeing the bright blue sky! Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope yours is joyful--go outside and enjoy some summer sun!

xo, charity

09 July 2014

big Big BIG L O V E

Pardon me, I'm having a moment. You see, I'm in love. It started quite simply with a photograph.
This Photograph. 

In what is a shameless copy-cat maneuver, I'm copying Sam over at A Piece of Toast blog with this post. She posted about this big LOVE ball and I fell hopelessly in love with it. I have a large collection of inanimate objects the word LOVE on them because hey, my name is Charity! (Including a 5' glass desktop from Ikea 6 years ago with love in every language imaginable engraved...that is still sitting behind my piano. I never have figured out quite what to do with it!)

Anyway, click through to the Big Love Ball site. You'll be so glad you did! 

Anyone looking for Birthday ideas (*hint hint*)? This is on the top of my list! 

“In a culture ready for lightness and love, Big Love Ball was overwhelmingly embraced. Playful hearts far and wide can now create moments with their very own Big Love Ball. It brings people together to say ‘I am. I’m in. I do.’ Our intention is to send Big Love Balls to places we’ve never been, events we cannot attend and to friends we’ve never met. We want to charm, disarm, honor and i n c l u d e the many people in the world who celebrate LOVE.” - Canadian Designer, Wendy Williams Watt

Big love to you today! xo

29 May 2014

Summer Skin // Savvy Skin Pledge

Kazuaki Yamauchi Painting - Whistles Hat - Gold Floppy x Target - Straw Floppy - Straw Cap

I've made a pledge! The SunSavvy Skin Pledge for Summer. I have extremely fair {Scandinavian} skin and I sunburn and freckle like nobody's business. But unfortunately, it's up in everybody's business when I'm bright red and freckled. And on a more serious note, my family also has a history of skin cancer, which is nothing to play around with! So, if you're like me, you should take the SunSavvy Skin pledge at this link.

My personal Summer Skin Care Favorites are Aveeno Active Naturals SPF 30 for special event sunscreen when I know I'm going to spend a significant amount of time in the sun. It has a light scent and doesn't feel oily on my skin which is wonderful! For everyday use I like Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 50+ (again non-greasy and just simple everyday care). And for more sport or water-related events I usually use Neutrogena Ultimate Sport Sunblock (usu SPF 70+).

Here are a few links to get you started on Summer Skin Care as well:

Refinery29: Summer Skincare - No Fry Guide to SPF
Elizabeth Street: The New Way to Protect Your Skin for Summer

What are your favorite Summer Skin-care routines? Have you found a favorite new product?

28 May 2014

Pinnin' Fool

Pinterest is such a time-suck, a lovely, wonderful, beautiful, colorful, all-other-enticing-adjectives-timesuck. Thankfully, I've got nothing better to do on my hour Bart ride into SF the last couple weeks! I have a few favorite food boards, Hey Good Lookin'... (entrees and "real" cooking) , Yes, We Have No Bananas (snack foods), You're My CuppyCake (desserts) & Pass me the Punch Bowl (for all the fun drinks and such). 

 Here are just a few recipes that I've found and tried that are most definitely keepers.
01 Radish & Cucumber Salad (x better homes & gardensI only had white vinegar and it worked perfect! Love this for a fresh summer dinner. I like to keep the dressing and sliced veggies separate until just before serving. 
02  Homemade Strawberry Sorbet  (x use real butter)I omitted the vodka, sugar and salt and it was still superb!
03 Salted Caramel Brownie Sandwiches ( x Donna Hay) SOOO yummy!! Very sweet though, and I would try it before adding the sea salt to the sandwiches. 
04 Mango, Cucumber & Watermelon Salad (x YumSugar) When I made this I radically changed it. We have mangos but I'm not a fan. I excluded the fish sauce, mirin, oil, mangoes and peppers. So I basically had the fruit, mint and not too much else. I also added chia seeds and feta cheese. So in other words, this salad gave me ideas, but I didn't stick to it! 

Any new favorite summer recipes?


27 May 2014

5 before 25

Catalina, 2011

I'll be 25 in August and I can honestly say that #4 on my list is honestly what's making me most giddy about making the quarter-of-the-century mark official! It might be weird or nerdy but it is so frustrating to pay extra underage fees and incredibly awkward for the firm administrator to ask if you are "underage" before going on a business trip (that was a hilarious conversation) and how he had to work out some details with the firm's rental car account. Whew! Honestly? Why is it so complicated? (I'll be celebrating my 10-year-driving Anniversary in November as well, yay!)

I have 5 things on my list to complete before I turn 25! I love goal lists but I either forget to post them, don't complete them or just get them all muddled and decide to change them. I came up with this list in early April but as usual didn't post it on the blog. So. Here goes nothing!

1. Stand-up Paddle Board (aka SUP)  (MAY 2014)
2. Make Beef Wellington
3. Hike Mt. Tamalpais
4. Rent-a-Car by myself (MAY 2014)
5. Hang my bedroom gallery wall

Number one: My mom and I have wanted to do this for the last couple years and we actually complete it Mother's Day weekend! So check one off the list! HOoray! It was amazing, relaxing and so much fun! A bit nerve-wracking at first, but we did it at Dana Point and it truly was amazing. 

Number two: this dish just seems so glamorous to me! I'm going to try to find one that's a bit different than most generic recipes, perhaps with a different seasoning or something? Any suggestions anyone? 

Number three: Along with SUP this has been on my list for a bit and I've decided this summer is the one to finally tackle it! The views are amazing, the summer weather around here is usually pretty mild and I have a feeling I'll be doing less travelling this summer than normal so I'm ready to go for it! (Can't wait to celebrate maybe with a Ginger Beer at the top!) 

Number four: As most rental car companies charge astronomical fees for underage drivers or don't rent at all to people under 25, this birthday is a milestone. It was also a milestone to complete my first business trip and rent a car all on my own to boot (as well as fly alone, eat at a sit-down restaurant with a table-for one alone and stay in a hotel room alone...let's just say "alone" is not my favorite state of being). So that's two out of five down! 

Number five: I have so much artwork to hang, but whenever I'm ready to get started I get struck with this horrible feeling that I'm going to hang something and then want to change it and have these awful hol
es in my walls. Boo. I need to just get over it and hang and decorate my poor walls (they look very lonely at the moment).

Do you make goal lists for significant birthdays or dates? Have any suggestions or memories from your birthdays? Hope your summer is starting off smashing!! 


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